Ma Sharda Devi Mahavidyalaya

Code of Conduct

Students are responsible for their conduct to the college Authorities. They are prohibited from doing any kind of in-disciplinary activity, which may breach or harm the repute, discipline of the college or violate its normal working, either inside or outside the College premises.

Students should take proper care of college property and must not spoil or cause any kind of damage in the college campus. For any damage occurred, the decided amount will be collected from the guilty. In case the guilty is not traceable, the amount will be charged collectively from the class/college students.

The areas near classrooms are marked as ‘Silence Zone’. Students are advised not to loiter/ make noise in this zone. Furthermore, they should utilize their free time for creative activities or visiting library or computer centre.

Student notice boards carry various kind of information from time to time. Hence, all are advised to observe notice boards regularly. Ignorance of any notice/s will not be accepted as a plea or an excuse for any kind of delay in any matter.

Use and/ or possession of fire arms, knife, hockey sticks, base ball bat, etc. inside and outside the institute constitute a grievous offence punishable under IPC and shall be treated as indiscipline against the institute.

Consumption and/ or possession of alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, pan-masala, gutka, drugs, etc. inside and outside the institute constitute an offence and shall be dealt with severely including expulsion.

Students are not permitted to receive or entertain visitors in the College during the college time. In case, such visits are essential, the prior permission of the Principal is necessary.

Indoor / outdoor games are prohibited during academic hours.

Students should keep their mobile phones switched off during lectures, labs and in library.

During college hours no student is allowed to move outside the college campus (except during lunch time) without taking permission from the Principal.

Roaming during college hours will be considered as in-disciplinary activity.

Dress code is strictly followed in the college failing which the students will be marked absent in regular classes and will not be allowed to attend any kind of practical or Mid- Term examination.

Mass -Bunk in any condition is not allowed. In case of such eventuality, all students in the class will be marked absent and the topics to be co covered shall not be repeated.

Using any kind of foul language on social networking websites or any public platform which may harm the repute or discipline of the institution will be treated as misconduct.

The student/s shall be liable to disciplinary action for any kind of contravention to the above mentioned rules.