Ma Sharda Devi Mahavidyalaya

General Rules

An Identity Card is issued to each student at the time of admission. Students are advised to carry their identity card in person while entering the college premises.

Student Teachers must keep their class rooms neat, clean and well organized.

Smoking or use of any allied substances is strictly prohibited in the college premises.

Use of Mobiles in the college campus is strictly prohibited.

Chewing in any form is prohibited in college campus.

Writing/spitting on walls/ desks and various other places in the college is strictly prohibited.

Students are not allowed to keep / carry weapons in the college premises.

College authorities will not be responsible for loss/damage of any property viz. mobile, jewellary etc. of the students.

Students teachers are not allowed to bring their vehicles inside the college premises.

Students are advised to make use of the suggestion box/register for empowerment of the institution.

In case the students go for hiking/tours/picnics organized by Private groups or unofficially on their own, the College will not bear responsibility for any mishap and the students will go at their own risk.

This is being made clear that the college will assist the students in the process of applying for bank loan. However, the bank loan should not be considered as a guarantee.

Any student found indulged in misleading others will be considered as blameworthy of serious misconduct.

To prevent the habit of late coming in classes, it has been decided that the attendance will be taken during first five minutes of commencement of lectures and the latecomers will not be marked present for that lecture.

Students should be aware of power saving and maintaining cleanliness in the class rooms. It is the basic duty of class coordinator to maintain this through class representatives.

If a document/declaration submitted by a candidate is found to be false at any stage during his/her admission shall be cancelled and he/she may be liable for prosecution under the law without any refund of fee.

The institute reserves the right to make necessary amendments to the rules & regulations, course, fees etc. as considered necessary and deemed appropriate from time to time.